Amanda Hamilton Design Elbow River Residence 3 Janis Nickolay Photography

An Elbow River Residence in Calgary recently enjoyed some renovation love from the talented team at Amanda Hamilton Design. The home, which had been designed and built over 30 years ago by the owner’s architect father, had suffered some damage in the big Calgary flood. Because of its significance to the family history, the homeowners wanted the renovations to restore the home to its former glory and keep it relevant to their modern lifestyle. Great design and some well-selected lighting helped them achieve these goals.

The library (pictured above) is lit by a large black GT1000 pendant from Santa & Cole. Large enough to light the space but simple in design so as not to overpower the room, the light creates a warm and cozy ambiance from above–perfect for settling into a great book.

Amanda Hamilton Design Elbow River Residence 2 Janis Nickolay Photography

Gracing the entranceway of the home is an elegant cascading cluster of Nenufar suspension lights designed by Joan Gaspar for Marset. This light, which takes its name and delicate shape from the water lily, is designed to look as though floating on air. Powered by LED technology, the Nenufar discs radiate an exquisite luminosity and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere.

Amanda Hamilton Elbow River Residence 1 Janis Nickolay Photography

The spacious walk-in closet is lit by a Mercer suspension light designed by Joan Gaspar for Marset. This light is a beautiful fusion of materials: a pure cotton ribboned shade floating in a transparent blown glass structure.

Congratulations Amanda Hamilton Design on another wonderful residential project.

Photos by Janis Nicolay Photography