This week at IDS16 in Toronto we are very excited to introduce, for the first time in North America, the new Tracking Magnet from Flos Architectural. The new Tracking Magnet is a versatile and aesthetically appealing lighting system ideal for galleries, museums, offices, retail, and institutional spaces.

Flos Tracking Magnet - at LightForm

The Tracking Magnet consists of a magnetic structural track that can be installed in ceilings and walls as a recessed or surface-mounted luminaire, and it can also be installed as a suspended luminaire. The truly unique feature is that the track also comes with two corner pieces, allowing you to create a continuous linear track that moves up the walls and across the ceilings in one beautiful, aesthetically pleasing linear luminaire. The outside corner piece allows you to move the track 90 degrees horizontally while the inside corner track allows you to connect wall and ceiling.

Flos Tracking Magnet Installation options at LightForm

Running inside the track housing are magnets, another unique feature that allows you to do two important things: first, you have the ability to move the light modules to any point along the magnetic track—there are no limitations as the lights are held in all along the track magnetically. Second, the magnetic track allows you to remove and insert any number of light modules easily to achieve the illuminating effects you desire. In a retail setting, this would allow you to insert a spotlight with a tight beam spread to illuminate a display box near the ground, while further down the track insert a spot with a wide beam to flood the wall display with light. The possibilities are endless because you have the freedom to install and power lights all along the track.

Flos Tracking Magnet at a gallery

Power transmits to the spotlights through the magnetic track itself, which is also what holds the lights in place, thus allowing you to place the lights anywhere along the track and replace or exchange the lights as often as required. Never has such a versatile system been presented in such a minimal, aesthetically pleasing profile.

The suspension and surface track versions are available in white, chrome, or black, while the recessed version is available in black only. Flos Architectural has a number of accessories and lens options that work with the Tracking Magnet to help you create the desired effect. Some of the accessories include:

  • Spot 90
  • Spot 120
  • Easy Spot
  • Anthony Spot
  • New products to come

Connect with us to learn more about the illumination possibilities afforded by the new Tracking Magnet lighting system. Or come see the Tracking Magnet on display at the Aya Kitchens both at IDS Jan 21-24.
FLOS Tracking Magnet in retail
FLOS Tracking Magnet in retail 2
Flos Tracking Magnet recess install
FLOS Tracking Magnet Insitall

Come see Flos decorative and architectural lighting collections at a LightForm showroom in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, or Vancouver. Or visit the Flos-Toronto website to purchase Flos decorative lighting online.

Download Flos’ new Tracking Magnet brochure.