Marset’s Copernica Wins HiP Lighting Award

Marset Copernica Floor Lamp with 2017 HiP Award LightForm
The Copernica floor lamp proudly displays its HiP award at NeoCon

For almost five decades, Chicago’s NeoCon has served as a launch pad for innovation, offering ideas and introductions that continue to shape the built environment. The show is also the home of Interior Design magazine’s HiP Awards, honouring the best people and products in the industry. These awards, now in their fourth year, are part of the NeoCon Chicago trade show, and aim to recognize design sector pioneers and their most innovative products.

Marset Joan Miro with 2017 HiP Award LightForm
Joan Miró of Marset accepts the HiP Award

After being put to popular vote in the A&D community, winners are announced. This year, Marset was among those winners. The upcoming Copernica collection, designed by Ramírez i Carrillo, has been honoured with an HiP Award in the Lighting category. Joan Miró, Marset USA’s General Manager, was present to accept the award. Read on to learn more about this new collection.

The Weightless Light

Marset Copernica Series LightForm
The Copernica lighting collection from Marset 

With no more than fingertips, one can achieve a feeling of weightlessness with the Copernica lamp. As if levitating, it moves through space effortlessly, without friction or resistance. Copernica collection constructs geometric sculptures of light, establishing an intimate relationship with space and combining functionality with the beauty of pure lines.

Marset Copernica Table Lamp and Ramirez LightForm
Designer Jaume Ramírez examines his Copernica lamp

The collection consists of desktop and standing versions that play with counterweights of mixed materials and density, such as steel and aluminum. This design allows one to move the lamp with great precision, providing a wide range of heights, distances, and adjustments to the beam of light to suit one’s taste. The upright version, a true statement piece, stands almost two meters in height and directly or indirectly illuminates the environment with its tilting head system. Copernica draws minimalist sculptures in space, as if it were a canvas, and the carefully selected colours add soft chromatic touches to the ensemble.

Designed by Ramírez i Carrillo

Ramirez i Carrillo LightFormDesigners Jaume Ramírez and Josema Carrillo, designers of the Copernica collection for Marset

Jaume Ramírez and Josema Carrillo met in 2001 while working in the Basque Country, where they started their own studio. For their first design, the Delica collection of trays, they received their first Gold Delta award, along with Red Dot Design and Design Plus awards.

Marset Ramirez Designs Copernica LightForm
Josema Carrillo in his studio working on Copernica lamps

In 2005 they moved to Barcelona, where they started working with Escofet to develop a branding and communications strategy, designed the exhibit for the 2007 and 2009 Delta Awards and built the identity of Parklex, which they are still working with to this day. At the same time, a more spontaneous assignment created close ties to France, where they have taken part several times in the Saint-Etienne Biennale and the Designer Days in Paris, exhibiting in venues such as the Modern Art Museum of the city of Paris, in the City of Fashion and Design and even in the renowned Parisian store Merci. Since 2014 they have been based out of both Barcelona and their new studio in Milan, working for Marset, Arcos, Normann Copenhagen, and Mobles 114.

Marset Designer Ramirez with Copernica LightForm
Designer Jaume Ramírez examines his Copernica lamp

Stay tuned until January 2018, when the Copernica collection will hit the market!

Download Marset’s 2016 catalogue.