Marset, Lambert & Fils, & Arturo Alvarez win BoY Awards for new lighting designs

Interior Design Magazine held its annual Best of the Year (BoY) Awards at Frank Gehry’s IAC Building in New York on December 1, 2016. Not only were several of our partners nominated for their recent lighting designs, but Marset, Lambert & Fils, and Arturo Alvarez all took home coveted Best of Year Bulb awards as winners in their respective categories. Learn more about these award winning lighting designs below.

The Best of Year Awards is a global design awards program dedicated to the year’s best products and projects.

Concentric designed by Rob Zinn for Marset
BoY Award: Lighting Sconce

Blurring the line between sculptural art and functional lighting design, Concentric delivers dramatic visual interest to any space. Inspired by the way that colour reflects the sun’s light, this modern ceiling or wall fixture is crafted to harness the same power.

Made from powder-coated steel, each tier boasts a white lacquered finish on the front with a vibrant, rich colour on the back. Whether Concentric is turned on or off, the colours have a hypnotic effect, especially when its energy-efficient LED bulbs brilliantly illuminate a dark room.

“The Concentric highlights the reflection of colour, as each white circular panel plays with a different colour on its back” –Rob Zinn

Learn more about the award-winning Concentric wall sconce.  Concentric also won an Editor’s Award at ICFF this year.

Laurent designed by Samuel Lambert, Rachel Bussin, and Philippe Charlebois Gomez for Lambert & Fils
BoY Award: Chandelier (single bulb) 
Laurent suspension light Lambert & Fils

The new Laurent collection from Montreal-based Lambert & Fils lighting design studio consists of hand-blown glass spheres enveloped by laser-cut metal frames. An adjustable suspension system of wires and anchors allows the pendant’s final form to vary, from a pure, minimalist orb to something more intricate and Art Deco. The different variations make it an apt lighting fixture for the home as well as for applications in the public realm where Laurent can really take on its fullest dimension through a rhythmic repetition. Learn more about the award-winning Laurent lighting collection.

Ballet chandelier designed by Hector Serrano for Arturo Alvarez
BoY Award: Chandelier (multiple bulbs)

Elegant and ethereal, the Ballet chandelier insights a continuous dance of light and shadow. Created from Arturo Alvarez’s proprietary SIMETECH® material, the chandelier’s shapes are formed by the superposition or gathering of its vertexes, allowing freedom and flexibility of the material. The resulting volumes are fluid and natural due to the tension of the SIMETECH® material. The chandelier’s asymmetrical forms change depending on your point of view. Learn more about Arturo Alvarez.

Honorable Mentions
Congratulations also to Foscarini, Flos, Marset, and Axo-Light, who all received nominations for their new lighting designs.

U-Light from Axo Light
BoY nomination: Architectural LightingU Light chandelier Axo Light

U-Light is a new LED suspension collection ideal for large spaces. Made of aluminum, these large but airy luminaires are available in three sizes: 90cm diameter X  380cm height; 120cm diameter X 400cm height; 160cm diameter X 430cm height. Comes in anthracite grey or rust brown. Features a built-in LED dimmable light source.

Superloon from Flos
BoY nomination: Floor LightFlos Superloon floor light

Designed by Jasper Morrison, Superloon is the moon archetype. A ring of LEDs send light sideways into the edge of a flat disc of translucent white material. A gyroscopic axis allows the light to be directed in infinite directions, while the light can be adjusted in intensity – and temperature – from warm to very warm. Ideal as an ambient light or reading lamp. Coming soon to North America.

Theia from Marset
BoY nomination: Floor LightMarset Theia floor light

Inspired by the Greek goddess Theia – the mother of the sun, moon and dawn – this fixture merges both light and shadow in a single piece. Theia is unique in that it has two faces, which can be discovered by gently swivelling the light around its axis, shifting its perception. It can be pointed towards you as a reading or task lamp, or in the direction of an object or a wall for ambient light – either way, Theia creates a subtle effect of LED light that warms any space. Designed by Mathias Hahn.

White Noise from Foscarini
BoY nomination: Pendant (single bulb)
Foscarini Diesel Whitenoise suspension light

Copycat from Flos
BoY nomination: Table Lightflos-copycat-table-lamp

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and with the Copycat table lamp designer Michael Anastassiades shows us just how sweet it can be. This fixture is made of two spheres connecting with each other, one small and in a precious material, living in the shadow of the larger sphere. Copycat features an aluminum sphere made from solid metal and a including hand-blown glass opal diffuser. There is an LED light source with dimmer switch on the power cable.

Buds from Foscarini
BoY nomination: Table Lightfoscarini-buds-table-lamp

In the 1990s, Rodolfo Dordoni designed a collection of table, floor, and suspension lamps for Foscarini in brightly coloured blown glass, named after the natural elements: Fruits, Blossom, and Buds. Today, Buds has been restyled again, interpreting contemporary taste with a sophisticated wealth and focus on materials. The star of the design remains blown-glass, with a five-layer hand-crafted process, which is immediately evident thanks to the larger cut of the diffuser. Buds takes on a dual value: it is warm when the lamp is on and cold when off.

About Interior Design’s BoY
Interior Design’s Best of Year is the design industry’s premiere design awards, honoring the most significant work of the year as well as recognizing designers, architects, and manufacturers from around the world. Now celebrating its 11th year, Interior Design’s Best of Year (affectionately known as BoY) has become the ultimate measure of excellence, showcasing what’s happening today in every category of design while simultaneously setting the design bar even higher for the future. The BoY awards ceremony, held in December, draws 1000+ world-wide attendees. Winners are announced LIVE at a festive ceremony and take home the coveted Best of Year Bulb award, designed by icon-to-be Harry Allen.

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