Illuminate & Delineate with Laminis   


Laminis is a striking collection of glass tile lights by Italian lighting manufacturer Fabbian. Inspired to create an object that would design space with light, the artigiani – or artisans – developed a highly customizable and multi-functional luminaire that provides ambiance, illumination, delineates space, and looks like art.

Fabbian Laminis tile lights closeup LightForm blog
Closeup of Laminis tile options and stainless steel cables

The single tiles, which are combined like a precious mosaic, create multi-sided luminous structures and one-of-a-kind atmospheres, offering significant versatility for commercial, hospitality, and residential applications.

Fabbian Laminis lights in hotel LightForm blog
Laminis as a feature backdrop in London’s Intercontinental Hotel, with polished aluminium frame finish

Create A Custom Lighting Installation

Your imagination is the only limit for the possibilities that Laminis presents. Customization starts with the choice of glass tiles, which are available in eight different sizes and patterns, and can be combined in a singular motif or mixed and matched together. You can even design your own unique glass pattern, which the master glass-makers at Fabbian can custom produce for you.

Fabbian Laminis in Kanji Light restaurant LightForm blog 2
Laminis in the Kanji Light restaurant. Architect: Giuseppe Dondoni

Great attention is placed on the fabrication of the tiles, which are handcrafted by artisans who cast molten glass into moulds, then press them with chosen designs to create delicate bas-relief patterns. Colour is infused into the tiles by scattering shades of glass flakes onto the work surface, resulting in an organic, randomized effect for a dose of subtle vibrancy.

Watch Fabbian artisans at work as they make Laminis in the video below:

The collection is so versatile – its metal structure can be constructed as a single sheet to demarcate a space, like an illuminated wall, or be configured into a dramatic chandelier with the addition of angled pieces (see video for examples). The possible layouts and configurations are infinite, as are the ways that you can light Laminis – fully lit or unlit, or even partially lit for the greatest customization of lighting control and ambiance.

Fabbian Laminis tile light LightForm blog
A partially-lit Laminis illuminates and demarcates space

Laminis can be hung from a ceiling mount or a wall mount, and any visible metal frames are available in polished or golden aluminium. You can also customize the rows of stainless steel cables, which support the glass tiles, in various hues. The lamps are dimmable, energy-efficient LEDs (E27)  that come in a warm 2700K temperature.

Fabbian Laminis tile light LightForm blog
Laminis ceiling mounted as a corner feature

Design Your Own

If you wish to design your own Laminis tiles, the various glasses must have a width of 30 cm. Multiple heights are available: 11 cm, 23 cm, or 35 cm.

Tile Patterns

You can also choose one of the eight available glass patterns (below) or create your own design. The arrangement of the tiles is also fully customizable.


Fabbian Laminis tile patterns LightForm blog


Choose from 14 colour options for the glass tiles:


Fabbian Laminis light tile colours LightForm blog

Metal Frame Finishes

Available in polished aluminum or golden aluminum.

Fabbian Laminis metal finish options LightForm blog
Above: Laminis metal frame finish in golden aluminium

Light Source

Uses dimmable LED (E27) bulbs. You can also customize how you light the tiles too: intersperse the light source (LED strip) throughout the tiles – from the top or bottom for a gradual fade, or anywhere else between the tiles for a more consistent wash of light.

Full specifications are available in the lighting catalogue.

In short, this stunning collection presents interior designers and architects with a blank canvas in which they can customize to create one-of-a-kind atmospheres. Combine its exquisite glass tiles, patterns, colours, and finishes in countless ways, and find that it offers endless configurations for a range of environments.

Fabbian Laminis tile light Ponte tile LightForm blog
A closeup of the Ponte tile pattern

Connect with us to learn more about the Laminis collection or to see glass samples in our showroom.

“Darkness can tell you a great deal about light” –Fabbian