Lambert & Fils Now Available at LightForm

Tucked away in a small 500 sq. ft. workshop on Beaubien Street in Montreal’s Petite-Patrie neighbourhood Samuel Lambert gracefully bends a sheet of brass. It will become the shade of a new table lamp recently added to his company’s lighting collection—the first ever made-in-Canada lighting collection to be on display in LightForm’s lighting showrooms across the country.

Lambert & Fils HAYEUR-1285
[Photo: Caroline Hayeur, Agence Stock Photo] 

As the child of a potter and a painter, Samuel Lambert was taking apart and reassembling toasters and bicycles before he could read and at an early age, he helped his father with the kiln. Ever since, he has always been fascinated by the magic of seeing inert parts come together into functional wholes.

Lambert & Fils opened its doors in January 2010 as an unassuming workshop, the company name both a tribute to his father’s work, and to the new energy he drew from the birth of his son. Initially Samuel worked alone, restoring old Eames chairs he had collected throughout his thirties, objects he loved for their radically simple design. His work on the chairs was a sellout success, and soon lighting became his next passion: “The lamp satisfies my urge to solve practical problems, while offering me unlimited creative possibilities” explains Lambert.

Lambert & Fils HAYEUR-1198
[Photo: Caroline Hayeur, Agence Stock Photo] 

Today Lambert & Fils is a small group of designers who collaborate in the creation of floor, wall, table, and suspended lamps using brass, powder-coated aluminum, and marble. The studio’s original and custom lamps for residential and commercial settings take cues from Mid-Century Modernism, the Industrial Age, and Lambert’s own minimalist aesthetic.

Each step of the production cycle, from conception, to prototyping, to fabrication, to packaging, is handled in-house, along with a handful of local sub-contractors, resulting in a high quality product—all made in Canada. Despite the quality of materials and high-level craftsmanship evident in Lambert & Fils’ collections, the price points remain quite accessible, and especially appealing for large projects.

The studio’s pieces have a vintage, industrial, graphic-design aesthetic; without trying to be current, the collections reference everything from modernism to the Memphis movement of the 1980s. This mix of influence gives the company’s products a timeless, universal character. Fascinated by the instant emotional pull of vintage objects, Samuel’s creative process is still guided by instinct and passion rather than rational goals. Indeed his collections, while modern, remain grounded in a certain aesthetic nostalgia.

Lambert & Fils HAYEUR-1175
[Photo: Caroline Hayeur, Agence Stock Photo] 

Lambert & Fils is also a talent incubator, hiring young designers and artisans who work on both design and production. Idea development and work with raw materials go hand in hand at Lambert & Fils. The designers work in the same studio as the production team, and portable computers in hand, they’re always moving between their sketches and the production tables, testing ideas and drawing inspiration from the rest of the teams’ expertise.

Needless to say we’re honoured to announce our new partnership with this worthy up-and-coming lighting design studio. Lambert & Fils is homegrown and young—their work is genuine and gracious and we felt an honest connection to their collections because expert hands have clearly crafted them.

Lambert & Fils will be showcasing their new collections, Beaubien and Clark, at New York design week. They will have booths at ICFF and Sight Unseen OFFSITE.

Here’s a glimpse of Lambert & Fils’ lighting collections [photos courtesy Lambert & Fils, Adrien Williams Photo Inc.]:

NEW Beaubien Collection
Beaubien Lambert & Fils blog pst

NEW Beaubien collection. Inspired by traditional Chinese screens and the Memphis movement, Beaubien’s industrial and graphic aesthetic moves effortlessly between simplicity and ornamentation. The Beaubien is available as a wall, floor, two different suspended versions, or a simple shade. Made of matte black powder coated aluminum and natural brass, a material beloved by Lambert for its organic nature, as it patinas with age.

NEW Clark Table Lamp
cla01brma_05 blgpst

The new Clark Table Lamp is made of cut and bent sheet brass, at once forming the lamp’s structure and shade. An angled marble block anchors this brass form, creating a subtle play of angles throughout the lamp.

Perchoir Suspension Light
dot12br_01 blgpst

Lambert & Fils’ Perchoir Suspension Light is part of the Dot Collection which explores the directness of exposed bulbs and the rich materiality of brass. The resulting collection of lights are atmospheric and firm, making use of the reflectivity of brass.

Dot Wall Light
dot03br_01 blgpst

The elegantly simple Dot Wall Light. Also comes without cord.

Grue Table Lamp
Lambert & Fils Grue table lamp

As part of the Waldorf Collection, the Grue Table Lamp is a functional and streamlined light. With a composite shade deployed in a stable tripod (and additionally a wall-mounted configuration), the Grue Table Lamp is made of natural brass and powder coated aluminum, finished in either matte black or white.

Waldorf Suspension Light
wal07bl_01 blgpst

The Waldorf Suspension Light is available with a triple, double, or single configuration and is made of natural brass and matte black or white powder coated aluminum.

Cliff Suspension Light
Lambert & Fils Cliff suspension light

Lambert & Fils’ Cliff Collection brings together the best of Lambert & Fils in its use of many signature elements. Natural brass and matte black rods provide structure for elegant shades and a range of spherical bulbs. Pictured above is the Suspension Light version, and it also comes as a table lamp, two versions of a floor lamp, a wall light, and a suspended dome.

Visit our showrooms to see this made-in-Canada collection in person and to receive support for lighting your spaces.