Le Chat on the new Laurent collection

Lambert & Fils lighting design studio has been illuminating the Canadian lighting scene since its inception in 2009. Their latest collection, Laurent, is an elegant exploration into the relationship between circles and spheres–and it is perhaps their most distinctive collection yet.

This year the studio launched the Laurent collection at ICFF in New York. Here is an excerpt of my conversation at ICFF with Le Chat, a member of the Lambert & Fils design team: 

Laurent suspension light Lambert & Fils

LF: Tell us about the inspiration for the Laurent collection.

Le Chat: We initially wanted to create our own interpretation of the iconic Bauhaus milk glass globe. We explored various shapes and concluded that we couldn’t outdo the purity of the classic sphere. So we shifted our focus to how we could frame the globe and this is what defined and inspired the collection.

LF: What was your main challenge designing this collection?

Le Chat: Our biggest challenge was protecting the purity of the design throughout the manufacturing stages. Every time we examined a new prototype, our goal was to resolve whatever problems it exposed without sacrificing the minimalist idea behind the design.

Laurent suspension light Lambert & Fils

LF: What was the most enjoyable part of the process?

Le Chat: There were many a-ha! moments where we resolved problems and felt like we were getting closer to our goal.

LF: Can you offer any tips for young up-and-coming designers?

Le Chat: Always keep an open mind to taking a further step in a piece’s design. They say you have to know when to stop. That’s true, but it’s about maintaining a posture that allows creativity to flow while keeping your critical eye open. Whether or not your design ideas get cut on the proverbial cutting room floor is up to you to decide, but they have to be allowed to bloom to make an objective call.

Lambert Fils Laurent suspension light photo: Arseni Khamzin

LF: So how do you know when something is finished? 

Le Chat: It’s finished when it makes sense to you. That’s a bit cryptic for an answer, but it really speaks to the “story telling” aspect of design. When everything in a piece tells the same story, that’s when you’ve got something you can be proud of hanging in your living room.

LF: Why did you decide to call it Laurent?

Le Chat: Our city is a strong part of our studio’s DNA so most of our collections are named after streets in Montreal. Our studio is currently located on Boulevard Saint-Laurent. Our showroom was formerly located on Beaubien street, thus our 2015 collection’s name.

Laurent suspension light Lambert & Fils

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Since 2009, Lambert & Fils has been consistently creating elegant and minimalist lighting designs, produced with exceptional craftsmanship, and available at accessible price points. With all materials and work contracted locally, the design studio’s lighting creations hang proudly in restaurants, homes, offices, and retail shops across the country and abroad.

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Photos: Arseni Khamzin