LED lighting ideal for contract projects

This year at IIDEX Canada we’re thrilled to introduce the new architectural and decorative lighting collections from Pablo Designs, a San Francisco-based lighting manufacturer whose most recent collections have been designed with the contract commercial and hospitality markets in mind.

Pablo Lim desk lamp at LightForm

Pablo Design’s recent shift towards creating design-focused contract products makes it a brand we’re excited to introduce as a new and innovative option for commercial contract projects—think offices, hotels, restaurants, airport lounges, and libraries. Affordability and serviceability are important to the contract market, and Pablo’s ‘plug ‘n play’ lighting designs address those needs as high-performing products designed for longevity.

Pablo PixoWall light at LightForm

Lighting the modern workspace

Pablo Link wall light at LightForm

Pablo Contour table lamp at LightForm

Pablo Designs’ lighting collections are ideal for today’s “new workspace” (a focus at IIDEX this year) because they have design features that accommodate today’s mobile, multi-tasking, on-the-move professionals. For example, Contour, Pixo, and Lim360 have built-in USB chargers, while the floor versions of Circa and Lana have adjustable pedestals built in for supporting books, tablets, and other objects.

Pablo Lana wall light LightForm

Pablo Lana table lamp avail at LightForm

Made of 100% handcrafted wool, the new Lana family helps absorb excess noise in open, bustling workspaces. Circa and Pixo’s small footprints also make them ideal for today’s smaller work surfaces. Intelligent design features like Circa, Link, and Pixo’s 360-degree rotating shades and tilting arms make them highly functional, as does Lana’s unlimited height adjustability and the dim control options available on all lights. Finally, the nearly unlimited custom finishes and colour options for the Contour—and many other Pablo lights—give companies the opportunity to align these interior elements with their brand or offer employees some choice for individuality within their personal space.

Challenging the disposable mindset

Pablo Link lighting at LightForm
Pablo PIXO table lamp EXPLODED

Pablo lighting collections challenge the disposable mindset so prevalent today because they are designed to last a lifetime. With interchangeable individual components, Pablo’s lights are easy to update as technology evolves because users can simply swap out the relevant components rather than discarding the entire product. That represents huge savings for companies who buy 200+ table lamps. Pablo’s designs are also scalable; for example, the award-winning Link family includes a table and floor lamp, a desk clamp, and a wall mount version giving users multiple application options. Most importantly, Pablo Design’s clean and simple designs foreground the light itself, so the luminaires are always in style and relevant.

High-performing product that pleases

Pablo CIRCA PENDANT at LightForm

Pablo CircaFlush ceiling light at LightForm

The high-performing LED technology powering Pablo Design’s collections and the quality of craftsmanship that goes into building them translates into utility and longevity for commercial users. Powered by advanced, flat-panel LEDs that last more than 50,000 lifetime hours (25 years of daily use), Pablo collections offer glare-free illumination in a pleasing 3000K. This consideration for contract requirements even extends to how Pablo’s products are shipped: almost all luminaires are shipped flat, thereby reducing freight costs.

Pablo Contour desk lamp at LightForm


Pablo Design & LightForm at IIDEX

LightForm will be showcasing Pablo’s Lana, Contour, Circa, Pixo, and Swell luminaires at this year’s IIDEX in booth 5325, as well as Pablo’s new sound lantern, Uma (available March 2016). Lana has been entered into the IIDEX Innovation Product Award. Stop by booth 5325 to learn more about LightForm and Pablo’s lighting collections. After IIDEX LightForm showrooms in Toronto, Edmonton, Calgary, and Vancouver will have Pablo lighting on display.

About Pablo


Pablo’s designs have been propelled to the forefront of American contemporary lighting by an uncompromising devotion to simplicity and utility. By fusing the highest technical sensibilities with the most appropriate material palette, Pablo is able to create unique, timeless designs with the power to transform any environment. Pablo was founded in San Francisco in 1993 by Venezuelan-born industrial designer Pablo Pardo. Embracing a less-is-more ideology, Pablo frequently challenges traditional design metaphors, developing more practical solutions distilled down to their essence, form and light. A common thread links all of its creations, valuing permanence and sustainability, discarding the disposable mindset so prevalent today. Pablo’s mission is to create designs that deepen the relationship between objects, their users, and their environments.

Connect with us for more information and contract pricing for Pablo lighting. Photos courtesy Pablo Designs.