Start creating your wish list–this year’s Flos Fall Sale runs October 8 – 22. During this time take advantage of 15% off all decorative table and floor lights, pendants, and chandeliers.


Since its inception in 1962, Flos has consistently introduced some of the world’s most innovative and iconic lighting every year. Flos’ collaborations with designers such as Michael Anastassiades, Ron Gilad, Patricia Urquiola, Marcel Wanders, Philippe Starck, Konstantin Grcic, Jasper Morrison, and Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, to name a few, have not only earned countless awards and accolades of distinction, but have endeared their way into private and public spaces across the world, lighting our lives with a seamless blend of beauty and functionality.

Take advantage of the Flos Fall Sale to light your own space with a piece from Flos’ decorative collections. To help you make your wish list, our staff share their favourite Flos lights with you.


Emily’s pick: Kelvin desk lamp

Flos-Kelvin desk lamp

Emily loves the Kelvin desk lamp because its streamlined design makes this functional light also a thing of beauty. With a high output LED and a very adjustable structure, the Kelvin is a task light that can keep up with Emily’s industriousness. Mount it to your wall, clamp it to your desk, or simply stand it on your table for a truly personalized fit. The Kelvin also boasts functions like dimming options, motion sensors, daylight sensors, and comes in a series of great finishes: white, black, or anthracite—even some limited edition finishes like copper and pink. Best part: most of our showrooms have Kelvins in stock so you can come see it in person and take one home the same day.

Alex H’s pick: IC Suspension light


Prone to pontificating the paradoxical, Alex H is drawn to the alluring juxtaposition offered by this new family of lights designed by Michael Anastassiades. The IC Lights’ strong, brassy angles contrast beautifully with its blown glass diffuser, a soft, floating orb of light. This elegant family is available as a floor, table, suspension, and ceiling and wall versions and come with brass or chrome finishes.

Molly’s pick: Guns Lounge lights

gun lamp chrome

Molly has a soft spot for Philippe Starck’s gleaming, gangster Guns Lounge luminaires. These chrome- or gold-finished beauties are not only loaded full of personality but they also evoke fond family memories for Molly, whose father taught his little girl how to yield a shotgun at an early age. Now that’s badass.

Donna’s pick: Smithfield Suspension light


A true minimalist at heart, Donna loves the Smithfield suspension light for its smooth lines, large scale, glossy exterior, and beautifully clean diffuser. Pure understated elegance. She’s also a big fan of the Smithfield’s designer, Jasper Morrison. This suspension light comes in white, black, or mud and is also available in a ceiling-mounted version.

Gillian’s pick: Taccia table lamp



Every time Gillian sees an image or installation of the Taccia table lamp, it takes her breath away. Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni designed this industrial beauty in 1962, creating the base out of a fluted column of aluminium and making the shade out of glass, which can be easily rotated to direct the light. It’s also now available as an LED. For Gillian, the Taccia represents luminary perfection.

Reiko’s pick: Skygarden collection



With a classic shape on the outside and a beautiful pattern on the inside, the Skygarden rewards those who look closely at the details. As one with an eye for detail herself, Reiko sees the Skygarden as the perfect dinning room luminaire. When your guests look up and notice the beautiful pattern, you can further impress them with a story behind its design, conceived of course, by Marcel Wanders. Prostrate on his back and looking for inspiration, Wanders found himself lost in the beauty of the antique plaster on his ceiling—the pattern you see on the inside of the luminaire. Look closely and you’ll spot Marcel’s mark of whimsy: his face at the centre of the design.

Lauren’s pick: String Lights

String lights 1 blgpst

Lauren’s current crush is the String Lights, which combine beautiful geometric forms, graphic architectural lines, and the best of LED technology for a practical and beautiful result. Another design by Michael Anastassiades, the String Lights have an open-ended design that empowers users to solve spatial challenges in creative ways. Need light over your table but don’t have a power source on the ceiling? The String lights come with 12 or 22 meters of cord that lets you connect to a power source and create architectural patterns at the same time.

Jaime’s pick: OK Light


Is it a floor lamp? Is it a pendant? This update to the classic Parentesi deftly sidesteps easy classification, making it ideal in almost any setting–and a great conversation piece. Jaime loves the OK-Light’s incredible versatility: great as a general or task lamp, the edge-lit LED light on the rotating head is even and dimmable by touch, which is always a cool feature. Designed by Konstantin Grcic and available in black, chrome, white, or yellow.

Amy’s pick: Aim pendant

Aim pendant

Amy loves the Aim pendant because it has an edgy feel without being in your face; it makes a statement while being absolutely, stunningly simple. This modern industrial light is truly versatile as it allows you to hang the light away from its electrical source. Moreover, you can adjust the direction of the diffuser at whim to change up the look of the pendant or when you need to direct the light onto another source. Designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, this light is so versatile that it’s hard not to fall in love with.

Lisa & Michelle’s picks: Aim Cluster

Aim cluster

Why have one when you can have many? ask Lisa and Michelle, who both love the Aim as a cluster for its endless possibilities. As a cluster of 3-5 pendants, the Aim gives you a lot of flexibility when lighting your space: play around with the directional diffusers, experiment with the placement of each pendant, or mix it up with varying sizes of diffusers (Aim now comes in a small size as well). Never a dull moment for these ladies.

Bonnie’s pick: Shade LED Floor Lamp

Shade floor light 2

Attracted to the ingenious, Bonnie naturally favours the new Shade luminaire designed by Paul Cocksedge. As a floor light that seemingly floats in the air with no apparent light source, the Shade creates the illusion of a traditional floor lamp through its contemporary design. Lit but not connected to an LED source on the ground, the shade hangs from the ceiling from next-to-invisible, capillary-thin wires. The resulting “slight of hand” provides ambient lighting and the feel of a larger space through the elimination of the vertical hardware.

Jordan’s pick: Tatou Table lamp

Tatou table lamp

As a man who likes to set the right mood, Jordan has an affinity for the Tatou, designed by Patricia Urquiola. The pattern of Tatou’s dome-shaped shade allows just the right amount of light to filter through, creating a beautiful ambient glow and a low-lit setting. The Tatou also comes as a floor or suspension light, in black, bronze, or white.

Elizabeth’s pick: IC Floor lamp

IC LIghts floor

Liz is struck by the simple beauty that results from Anastassiades’ simple pairing of spherical glass and minimal metal structure. The larger scale of the IC Light’s sphere in proportion to the metal structure makes the orb appear to float. The fact that it comes in two of her favourite finishes—gold and chrome—has also made it her go-to choice for lighting modern or West Coast spaces.

Cheryl’s pick: MOD.548


Cheryl is drawn to the curious shape, bold colours, and sci-fi look of the MOD.548 table lamp. Designed by Gino Sarfatti in 1961, Model 548 has certain features of great interest in the history of light design: a moveable projector that directs the light towards a reflecting screen, and a supporting bar at the base acting as a counterweight. Both features were novel at the time and perhaps responsible for the luminaire’s continued relevance. Flos recently re-issue MOD.548, fitting it with an LED source and optical switch with dimmer. Also available in blue and brass.

Ben’s pick: Ariette wall light

Ariette wall sconce

Admittedly an unusual piece, the Ariette wall sconce is nonetheless a design piece sure to foster conversation. Designed by Tobia Scarpa in 1973, this sconce provides diffused light through two synthetic fabric squares. These diffusers are stretched over fiberglass rods that are held taught with injection-moulded fiberglass-reinforced polyamide ceiling fittings. It becomes feature in a room and provides a subtle light through the large diffuser.

Richard’s pick: 265 wall light

265 wall light 3

Richard has always favoured the 265 wall light, whose utterly functional design is, for him, the source of its eternal elegance. Designed in 1973 by one of the world’s most important designers, architect Paolo Rizzatto, the 265 wall light has become a classic thanks to its utility and scale. Adjustable parts include 360-degree rotating lamp head, adjustable arm and reflector, and a cast iron tapered counterweight. Ideal for offices, home, retail, or hospitality spaces, the 265 wall light is a beautiful and highly functional light. Anyone visiting a LightForm office can see these industrious lights in action.

Many of these lights are on display in our lighting showrooms in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Toronto. Visit our lighting stores across the country and take advantage of the Flos Fall Sale Oct 8-22: 15% off all decorative lights.