Ironic, transgressive, incandescent

Several years ago clothing and lifestyle brand Diesel Living teamed up with well-known Italian lighting manufacturer Foscarini to produce a new lighting collection, allowing the style-conscious among us to incorporate Diesel’s youthful and casual brand into our living spaces. The collection continues to be a big hit year after year, popping up not just in residential spaces across the country, but also in new hospitality and retail spaces.

The Diesel with Foscarini collection speaks a variety of different languages — from rock to pop, industrial design and vintage, from graphics to art — to illustrate the unmistakable Diesel lifestyle. Ironic, transgressive, eclectic, incandescent, the collection includes over 40 different lamp models. The collection is conveyed in various forms, materials and intended uses, it  lends itself to distinguish unexpected and unconventional settings, from domestic settings to public environments, always with a strong personality. The selection of and research into materials for Foscarini, and perhaps even more so in the Diesel with Foscarini collection, is of the utmost importance. Materials which have never before been used in the lighting industry become the added value of the lamps in this collection.
Foscarini Diesel Cage suspension light1

Here’s a quick list of some of our favourites in the collection (many of which you can come see in person in our showrooms):

Cage suspension light

Diesel Foscarini Cage suspension light
(Photo: Cecconi Simone)

Inspired by old miner’s lamps, Diesel Living’s Cage suspension light has an “underground” origin in the real sense of the word. With a source light surrounded by a metal cage, the cage itself looses its protective function and becomes a decorative element. We love the contrast between the refined blown glass diffuser and the external steel cage. It’s available with a white or black diffuser, to which a black or white metal cage is applied. Or try the new surprising metallic bronze diffuser with brown cage, pictured below.

Diesel Foscarini Cage suspension light

Rock suspension light

Diesel Foscarini Rock suspension light
(Photo: Diesel Living)

Roughly textured like a volcanic rock, Diesel Living’s Rock suspension light is an interplay of surprises and contrasts. Mysterious and severe outside, diamond-bright and iridescent inside, this light has a presence without ever being invasive or excessive. Outside, the dark version is rough, while inside, it shimmers, smooth and mother of pearl-covered. We love the bright gold finish’s resemblance to a giant freshly-mined gold nugget: it accentuates the contrast between the roughness of the external surface and the precious brightness within. Available in white, brown, or gold.

Diesel Foscarini Rock suspension light gold

Glas suspension light

Diesel Foscarini Glas suspension light black
(Photo: Diesel Living)

The Glas suspension light brings together the striking simplicity of industrial settings and the sophisticated appeal of blown glass. The diffuser is hand-made in a single piece and closed on the underside, retaining the shape inspired by vintage lamps used in factories and workshops, making this product a new icon of the trendiest habitats. In the chrome version, an aluminium cladding covers the blown glass body, interacting with light: when off, it reflects the surrounding environment and objects like a mirror; when on, it emits a warm beam with a retro feel, which is both directed and diffused. Available in two sizes, the suspension version is ideal for use in any setting, alone or in multiple compositions.

Diesel Foscarini Glas suspension light

Fork table, floor, and suspension light

Diesel Foscarini Fork table light
(Photo: Diesel Living)

The Fork table light is inspired by casual fashion, by campsite tents, and by an informal, dynamic lifestyle. The stitching on the linen fabric has been created like that on jeans and the rings are not merely decorative, but respond to practical needs with simplicity and immediacy. The lampshade is extremely flexible and can be oriented 360°. The stand of the floor and table versions is also very mobile, thanks to its joints: this means you can change the direction of the light as you please, play with the lamp, and have fun finding new positions for it. The Mini and Maxi Fork table lights have a short fixed stem with an adjustable diffuser. Made of dyed natural linen, PVC, and coated metal, available in brown/grey, brown/ivory, ivory/grey, ivory/ivory combinations.

Diesel Foscarini Fork floor light
(Photo: Cecconi Simone)

Metal Glass suspension and table light

Diesel Foscarini Metal Glass pendants
(Photos: Diesel Living)

Metal Glass suspension lights recall an alchemist’ still or a lantern from a Gothic setting. Combining the centuries-old tradition of blown glass and the industrial appeal of metal, Metal Glass is distinguished by a dense and almost opaque transparency, which is achieved by pouring soda powder into the still-incandescent vitreous paste. The ensuing chemical reaction creates a myriad of bubbles, which are transformed into luminous particles when the light is on. The borosilicate glass cylinder inside spreads the light while also being part of the design. Made of blown glass, borosilicate glass, and acid-etched steel. Available in amber, grey, and green.

Diesel Foscarini Metal Glass pendants 2

Crash and Bell suspension lights

Diesel Foscarini Crash Bell suspension lights

Inspired by percussion instruments, Crash and Bell are two independent but complementary suspension lights. Crash resembles a cymbal while Bell looks just as its name suggests. Both are available in bronze or aluminium colours and have been given a surface treatment with small, concentric grooves. They both use the same multi-faceted blown glass element resembling vintage glassware which projects beams of fragmented light onto the diffuser’s metal surface and at the same time leaves the naked bulb in full view in a clear reference to the world of industry. On their own, as a twosome or in groups, it is this two-fold light effect that gives Crash and Bell its powerful and unique impact. Made of blown sandblasted glass and varnished aluminium.

Metafisica table light

Metafisica Diesel Foscarini table light
(Photo: Diesel Living)

Mysterious and charismatic, the Metafisica table light consists of a soft, blown glass diffuser seemingly suspended from a delicate metal cage. When switched on, the diffuser appears to float in the air, defying gravity. Its warm, absorbing light is made still more sensual by the ivory tones of its blown glass, while the precious metal rod cage with a brown finish exudes golden highlights. Metafisica is an imposing yet versatile light designed to steal the limelight wherever it is positioned. It is ideal in bedrooms but also for living rooms, on a console in the hall or a large desk but also in groups on a hotel reception desk or the tables in a living room. Made of blown glass and varnished steel.

Diesel Foscarini Metafisica table light white

Heavy Metal table and floor light 

Diesel Foscarini Heavy Metal table light
(Photo: Diesel Living)

Unrefined in its roughly artisanal appearance and visible welds, refined in its vintage-inspired design: the Heavy Metal table light has two souls for an absolutely unique personality. The metal used to make it is dipped in a special acidic bath which alters its surface to a different extent each time, accelerating the natural oxidation process and warming the burnished colour with shades of blue, green, and ochre. The up and down light is also warm, with an enveloping and involving effect. Heavy Metal is available in the table version, ideal when teamed with a sofa or an armchair. Made of acid-etched steel and silkscreen-printed glass.

Diesel Foscarini Heavy Metal table light black

We’ve got many of these lights on display in our showrooms in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, and Toronto. Stop by to learn more about this playful and dynamic lighting collection.

Watch The Diesel Spirit video.