Bright ideas & caffeine at Buro

There’s a new reason to visit Vancouver’s Gastown neighbourhood, and it has to do with two of our favourite things: caffeine and lighting. Buro The Espresso Bar is a lovely light-filled coffee shop designed by Vancouver design firm Andrea Greenway Interior Design. Bright and spacious with warm brass detailing, it serves crave-worthy coffee and delicious food and baked goods.

Buro Vancouver LightForm blog
New Vancouver coffee shop designed by Andrea Greenway Design (photo Darren Sutherland)

Buro (356 Water Street, Vancouver) is located in the historic Holland Block in Gastown, an iconic Vancouver landmark at the convergence of Water & Cordova Streets. It was built in 1892 as a hotel contributing to the vibrant street life in Gastown.

Before moving in, Buro restored the exterior facade while integrating the triangular shape into the interior architecture. A central commune table and window-facing countertops create a beautiful harmony with the bustling sidewalks. Andrea Greenway’s design team selected brass lighting from Montreal-based Lambert & Fils to complement the heritage period elements in the building.

Buro Espresso Bar LightForm blog
The Dot Luna table lamp with brass detailing and marble base (photo Darren Sutherland)

Lighting in Buro

One really unique feature of this cafe is the use of table lamps throughout the space. These lamps help create a more relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Also, their detailing align with the design’s overall aesthetic. Here’s what Andrea had to say about her team’s lighting choices:

“We chose the lights as we were immediately drawn to their modern whimsical vibe. We were thrilled that a client took the chance to use table lights, as it is not seen often enough in commercial design. Having an interaction and implying that you trust your patrons with your purchase of something beautiful and to leave it to be so accessible sets a really intimate tone, and we felt that was important to balance out a space that is quite white and could be considered to be verging on austere. Then the natural relationship was to expand with the variation of the suspended light over the bar.”

Buro Espresso Bar LightForm blog
The Dot Antipode pendant illuminates the bar counter (photo Darren Sutherland)

Above the bar counter, two Dot Antipode pendants illuminate the baristas. “Although both pieces are ambient, when used in such a large scale space, they ended up feeling quite warm, and this translates especially at night or on those many grey days we seems to be having lately,” shares Andrea. “Lastly, we loved the brass with the copper wall accent. Mixing 2 metals in different mediums felt really complementary and natural.” We couldn’t agree more.

Buro Espresso Bar Vancouver LightForm blog
Buro Espresso Bar is a warm respite on rainy days.

Buro Espresso Bar LightForm blog 3
(photo from @Buro_coffee on Instagram)

Next time you’re touring the streets in Gastown, stop by Buro Espresso Bar to enjoy your caffeine in this beautiful new space.  Luckily, this lovely new coffee shop is close to our own showroom, so you can also stop by to see more Lambert & Fils lighting collections on display.

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Congratulations to our friends at Andrea Greenway Design on the beautiful space.