BOVER was created at the end of 1996 as a result of an illusion, an effort and a sensibility to the beautiful and non-temporal things that bring us comfort. Our ideology is born day-to-day, from our way of being and thinking, BOVER is the result of the professionalism and interest of a people team that lives and feels the cultural world surrounding them. Bover is committed to offering contemporary products of high quality and design, whilst constantly maintaining the balance between innovation, manufacturing capacity and entrepreneurial spirit. Our design concepts enable us to reflect and analyse the features and benefits of the finished product. From the moment a concept is created, to the moment it is presented to the public. From thoughts to forms, from imagination to reality, always searching for a balance between beauty, comfort, technology and quality, without losing sight of it’s true value. Our aim is to define and maintain a balance between quality, form and function, giving as a result, a contemporary style, which adapts without ever becoming dated. BOVER manufactures its products entirely in Barcelona, having a total control over the production chain and thanks to that Bover achieves quality control and delivery terms of all its luminaires and components.

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