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Metalarte lighting

Founded in 1932, Metalarte is a pioneer in the lighting market. With each new lighting collection, Metalarte has maintained a commitment to innovation and new creative values for over fifty years. In the sixties and seventies it renewed its collections and started working with external designers. In the eighties and nineties it incorporated the next generation of professionals, while starting its international business expansion. Currently Metalarte is part of the Luxiona Group (along with the Troll and Sagelux brands) and continues to renew its collaborations so that the list of designers linked to Metalarte is extensive and highly representative of the best creativity of today: George W. Hansen, André Ricard, Enric Franch, Josep Lluscà, Estudi Blanc, Josep Aregall, Oscar and Sergi Devesa, Antoni Arola, Lievore Altherr Molina, Ricard Ferrer, Héctor Serrano, Jordi Llopis, Ana Mir, Emili Padrós, Otto Canalda, and Ramón Úbeda.

Metalarte is a company that has defined its personality through the co-existence of the new and the traditional. Applying Yin and Yang to lighting production has resulted in the possibility of maintaining a collection that balances the future and the past. Metalarte’s luminaires maintain a tradition that began a workshop at Madrazo Street in Barcelona, continued at Riera de Sant Miquel, and subsequently ending up at a factory located in Sant Joan Despí at the beginning of the sixties. The latest destination along this journey once again expresses the duality of Metalarte: the spirit of change, with the creation of a new headquarters, and the romanticism of family-run companies, which had prevented the company from moving to another location.