Emotional light

Based in the countryside of northwest Spain, near Santiago de Compostela, Arturo Alvarez uses its natural surroundings as a constant source of inspiration. You can see this inspiration reflected in the forms, textures, and materials of its lighting designs.

Arturo Alvarez Tempo Vivace pendants

Arturo Alvarez’s handmade design lamps are created taking care of every detail, converting them into unique objects, made under the premise of offering exclusive products with a high emotional content, full of personality. In operation over twenty years, Arturo Alvarez strives to create human well-being through the hedonistic enjoyment of the objects it creates.

Arturo Alvarez Ballet Collection

What makes Arturo Alvarez a favourite for hospitality and design projects is the company’s commitment to research and development of new materials, while keeping in mind a concern to introduce technologies that contribute to energy saving and a sustainable production.

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