Patio season has finally graced us with its presence! This year, get more use from your garden or patio by creating an outdoor space that feels like an extension of your indoor space. Cozy loungers, lots of plants, and of course, some beautiful outdoor lighting to create the perfect ambiance. Get rid of those old paper lanterns and try these multi-functional modern outdoor lights. Here are our top picks.

LaDina, designed by Gigetto

LaDina outdoor lights

One of our favourites, this decorative suspension lamp offers a playful take on the traditional patio light. It’s made with a polyethylene structure and satin white diffuser, topped with a coloured screw-on cup. It comes with 5m of black neoprene cable and a Velcro strap for easy suspension. Bring it inside during the winter to light up your children’s playroom. Available in 6 different colours: fushia, night, carrot, sand, land, or snow. 17” tall, IP 65 rating. In stock and ready to take home!


LaMegaDina, designed by Gigetto

LaMegaDina outdoor light

A larger version of the LaDina, this fun floor lamp is available in a cordless version so you can move it around. It’s equipped with an on/off switch and a charging plug for 4 hours of battery life. Available in 6 different colours: fushia, night, carrot, sand, land, or snow. 31” tall, IP 65 rating. In stock and ready to take home!


Inout Out, designed by Otto Canalda & Ramon Ubeda

Inout Out outdoor light

Made from roto-molded polyethylene, this versatile lamp is as equally great around your swimming pool, garden, porch, or living room as it is on a restaurant terrace or in a hotel lobby. Offering a warm glow when lit, this lamp makes outdoor spaces an extension of your indoor space. Available in white or red and in three different sizes: Pe (26”), Me (65”), or Gr (85”). IP 65 rating. Anchorage plates are available to make it extra sturdy.


Frida Out LED, designed by Serraydelarocha

Frida outdoor light

The Frida is another versatile outdoor lamp that offers a warm ambient light. With two different light sources (top diffuser and bottom holder), it allows you to adjust the lighting to suit your mood. Made of translucent polyethylene, 98” tall, IP 65 rating. Available in energy-efficient LED.


Gregg, designed by Ludovica and Roberto Palomba

Gregg outdoor light

This floor lamp provides a remarkable effect by day with its organic shape, and by night with its welcoming, sunny light. Place them around your garden for a soft ambient glow or cluster them on your patio as a light sculpture. Available in three sizes so it’s possible to create any number of arrangements using different sizes. Also available in a suspended version. IP 65 rating.


Ktribe Outdoor F3, designed by Philippe Starck


This is one of our favourites for creating cozy outdoor living spaces. The Ktribe floor lamp has a classic indoor form yet is made with durable die-cast aluminum and galvanized structural parts to protect against weathering. Its exterior diffuser is made from braided and coloured PVC tubes. Place it next to your favourite lounger and extend the use of your outdoor space well into the hot summer nights. 72” tall, IP 55 rating.


DryLight, by Masiero

DryLight outdoor chandelier

Why not take it up a notch (or three) with this collection of glamorous weatherproof outdoor lights? Just out this year, Masiero’s DryLight collection of outdoor chandeliers and wall sconces are perfect for hosting posh garden parties, rain or shine. Internationally patented, Masiero’s new DryLight technology protects against water and dust and resists corrosion. With an IP 65 rating, it’s practically water jet proof (for those water fights that get a little out of hand). It’s also incredibly light for easy installation.

The collection is available in various colors, all capable of creating unique lighting and scenic effects, with a low power consumption system based on the use of low voltage lamps or RGB LEDs. Available in various sizes and configurations.

Dry Light by Masiero


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