Everyone loves choosing a chandelier; they’re the showy sibling who steals the spotlight and the prime real estate. Table lamps are equally fun because they pack so much personality, table-top signifiers of ‘what kind of person’ we are. Floor lights are the older siblings, dominant icons whose presence and authority over a space is a given.

But thoughtful designers put as much consideration into selecting their wall lights–the forgotten middle child–as they do those other showy siblings because they know how hard-working and influential these wallflowers can be.



Experienced designers leverage wall lights to provide ambient, task, and/or accent lighting—indoors and outdoors—to great effect.

Here are 5 well-made, versatile, and beautiful wall lights that command their own time in the spotlight:

Crisp wall light

RBW Crisp finish options collage LightForm
Crisp wall light (clockwise from top left; frosted, white, chrome, copper) 

Crisp is a simple, contemporary option for a flush-mounted light of up to 700 lumens. As it is moulded from solid glass and fit for installation in the ceiling or wall, it is also suitable for wet locations. Its grooved front face, which brings to mind the ruffles of a potato crisp, serves to cast light over a more expansive area and adds a subtle texture to interiors. Crisp is now available in 4 finishes: white, metallic chrome, copper, and frosted glass. Line voltage LED in a warm 2700K.

Monocle wall sconce

RBW Monocle finish options LightForm
Monocle wall light finishes (top to bottom: natural, black, gold)

The Monocle sconce’s solid aluminum body bears a sturdy heft, while its swivel and dimming capacity cast a precise light. Its pleasantly round demeanour makes it an ideal reading lamp when wall-mounted next to the headboard. Durable and damp-rated, however, it works well in many applications: under outdoor overhangs or in the bathroom vanity. This wall sconce also comes with an option for a wall-adaptor kit to turn Monocle into a Sconce with a Switch. In this instance, no J-box is required for installation—perfect for masonry wall or other installation challenges. Monocle wall sconce is a pleasing 2700K, or warm white. The lens can be either flat or domed for added light coverage.

RBW Monocle at Drake hotel TongTong photo credit
With directional heads and a minimal footprint, Monocle wall lamps are perfect bedside companions.


Radient wall sconce

RBW Radient finish options collage
Radient wall light finishes (clockwise from top left: white oak, walnut, white on, black)

With no visible fasteners or light sources to be found, the Radient family of wall sconces’ simple presentation belies sophisticated construction. Light emanates from behind solid-wood fixtures that seem to be floating, giving Radient a warm and mysterious effect. Radient wall light is available in two pleasing shapes: a rectangle or a circle. Finish options include black, walnut, white oak, or white. This wall light is ideal in hallways, living rooms, or in a cluster as an art piece on the wall. Radient also comes as a table lamp if you’re aiming for continuity among lighting elements.

RBW Radient Wall Sconce Oak Walnut cluster
Wall lights like the Radient can also be clustered for a luminous wall feature.

Radient wall light at Studio O+A
San Fransisco’s Studio O+A use the Radient wall light to radiate a soft & diffuse light in their office.


Branch wall light

RBW Branch natural and gold finish options LightForm

RBW Branch finish options

Perforated metal shells sit comfortably atop diffuser lenses in this family of wall sconces. An extension of the Branch Floor Lamp and Chandelier series, this wall light is available in a variety of warm colors (gold, natural, earth, or champagne). Best mounted in corridors, dining rooms, or bathroom vanities, or connect a few together and create a striking linear installation. Branch is a beautiful wall sconce, with a subtle texture and sophisticated construction. Dimmable, linear LED board in a warm white, or 2700K-3000K. Available in 2 lengths, medium (24” tall) or small (14” tall).

RBW Branch wall light in bathroom
The Branch wall light offers bright, even light, making it ideal for bathroom vanities.


Ledge wall lamp

Ledge wall lights RBW finish option collage
The Ledge wall light (clockwise from top left: white downlight on, white uplight on, black downlight off, black uplight on)

Ledge’s beauty lies in the economy of its form. The lightweight metal sconce measures in at roughly a ⅜-inch thickness and consists solely of two pieces: the solid-cast body with integrated heat sink, and an opaque PMMA lens to diffuse the 700 lumen-power LEDs inside. Ledge’s clean-cut design, drawn up as an intersection between two geometric planes, fits nicely into a range of settings: from bathroom vanity to commercial hallway, from bedside reading lamp to hotel lobby. Its flexibility extends further in options of upward or downward installation and an array of surface finishes. Ledge is suitable for wet locations facing down as well. This wall light is available in a round or square shape with black or white finish. (Shipping in Spring 2016.)

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Photos courtesy RBW.